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Why Linux is Better


Until now, this site is by far the best way I found to spread the free software. Marcos Pinho

This is one of masterpiece in Open Source literature! Gibransyah

This site is very much alike what I would have created myself if I had had enough time: I can't think of a better compliment! Patrick Prokopowicz

As a Free and Open Source Software advocate for many years, I have to say thank you. This site is wonderful and I'm going to point people looking to change to your site. Chicagonpg

Despite the self-depreciating reference to your English, I throughly enjoyed reading your site (although I already knew and agreed with the message). The tone and style of your writing made it a good read -- informative yet light. Richard Levine

Very convincing, to the point where I decided to switch to Linux. Jean-Marc Guilloni

Thanks for putting together an excellent website, I've just made the switch over to Ubuntu and all I can say is "WOW! I wish I had found this earlier". Martyn McIntee

I'm glad I found your website, because I can finally just point people to the website instead of having to explain, for the 1001st time, why Linux is better (for most things). Tim Čas

If I hadn't had switched before I would have done so after seeing your site. Ante Maretic

Thanks for the enjoyable read. It's the first time I've laughed out loud this week... Keep up the good work!! C Solis

Hello! You Linux-hero! Yor site is the best! PIT

I'm so impressed by your arguments, I've made a link to them in my email signature - you're more convincing than I am! James Pursey

Congratulations for your site, short but complete, partisan but not too much ;-) It'll be a source for a relative of mine for a chapter on open source software in his computer science lecture... Ric Flomag

At 60 years of age [...] your site is giving me a lot of strenght and motivation to carry on and study new things. It reminds me of some of the idealism I had as a younger person that compelled me to not let go on matters that I considered important but seem to have become unfashionable over time. Your site shows me that some of those values are still alive. B. Berchtold

I discovered your site a year ago and it convinced me to switch to Linux - I haven't looked back. Michael V.