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Why Linux is Better

How to translate this website

  1. Send me an email at ideas [at] whylinuxisbetter [dot] net to make sure that there isn't anybody already working on this particular translation.
  2. Choose a unique and short suffix for your language (for example, "ru" for Russian, "ser" for Serbian). We will call this suffix "lang" for the purpose of this tutorial.
  3. The code for the website itself is open source. You can find it on GitHub and contribute through that channel. What if you don't know how to use git or GitHub? You can always send the files to me via email instead, but it will probably take much more time overall.
  4. Make sure you use a simple text editor (for example gedit in Linux) and make sure you open and save files in the UTF-8 encoding. With this editor, create a file called title_lang.txt at the root of the expanded archive and place the translation of this website's title in it.
  5. Go into the "items" subfolder. Here you will find a folder for each of this website's articles. In each of them,
    • Copy the index.php file to index_lang.php .
    • Open this newly created file, find the places where there is English text, and replace it by your translation (you don't need to understand HTML or PHP, just try to keep the parts you don't understand as they are).
  6. Do the same thing for files inside the "stick_to_windows" and "switch" folders.
  7. At the root of the archive, copy the main index.php file to index_lang.php. It has one line for including each of the "items": for each of these lines, replace the empty string "" by your language suffix with an underscore: "_lang" and translate the title of this item.
  8. Send me (lmanul) a pull request on GitHub.
  9. See your translation appear on the website with your name on your language's first page and get billions of thanks from me and above all from all the people speaking the same language !!
Thanks a lot!!